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Every few months, we run a new Nature Photo Recognition Contest.    See if you can identify the animal, plant, geological formation, or other nature subject shown in our photo below.
Winners will receive a 5" X 7" photo of their favourite RustMonster image and have their name published in our Contest Winners page.  The winner will be selected at random from all correctly answered entries.
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What is the animal in this picture??
Mar-Apr 2003  Contest Question:

What is the critter in this picture???  It's a little blurry, as it was taken from atop a horse I was riding!

The photo was taken in Mississauga in September 2002 while I was on a 2-hour horse-back ride at The Ranch.

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Last Contest:  Nov-Dec 2002 >>> No winners!  :(
They were decayed pine-cones on the tree, but they looked like mushrooms!  Click HERE for old picture!