One of the great outdoor activities that we like to participate in is Fishing.   There's nothing better than being out on the
water fishing.   We're posting results and stories below from our fishing trips and derby's.
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Owen Sound Fishing Derby #2: Sunday April 28, 2001  
The team of Beaker, Tiberius and Black Fly  competed against the challenging team; Winston, Fred, and Alex!   
The "Team" trophy was won by Winston's team (9 fish, 28.0 pounds). 
The "Big Fin" trophy was won by Black Fly (for 27.5 inch, 7.25 pound Chinook).
The "Small Fin" trophy was won by Beaker (for his 4 fish all under 18 inches in size).
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Owen Sound Fishing Derby #3: Sunday May 13, 2001  
The junior team of Stephanie, Goopy, Sneezer & Duckie competed against the challenging senior team; Tiberius, Lee and Albert!    The tourney took place over 6 hours on same boat and location as our April Derby in Owen Sound, Ontario.   Three trophy's were again awarded; a Team trophy (most weight in fish by team), a Big Fin trophy (individual catching the longest fish), and a Small Fin trophy (individual voted by rest to have had, well... a "bad" day)...      

Results...   A total of 13 Chinook Salmon were caught.   Weather: cool, 15C.   Water Temp: 43.8F,  depth 75-95 feet.

Team Award:   Stephanie, Goopy, Sneezer & Duckie! Caught 3 of 4 keepers.   Overall, fishing was below average.
Big Fin Award:   Tiberius with 24", 3.0 lb "monster"...   Second largest fish was 22" caught by Stephanie.
Small Fin Award:   Albert with 10", 1.0 lb (rounded way up) Chinook salmon.   Everyone else caught larger 12" Monsters... ;o)

Owen Sound Fishing Derby #4: Saturday August 18, 2001

Weather: Partly cloudy, no rain, high 23C, and light breeze.
Water: Relatively calm water with surface temperature between 67-69 degree F.
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We just completed this derby between Winston' and Tiberius' Teams.   We had
a little bad luck when the cold and warm water layers in the bay inverted within
the previous 24 hours and spread the fish over the entire bay at different water
depths as they looked for bait fish.  We almost got SKUNKED, but we caught
a Chinook salmon after 4 hours.  It was a good one though, the biggest we have
caught so far since we started salmon fishing in Owen Sound a year ago ...

Biffer caught it: 14.0 pounds, 37.5" long !!  
Caught with a Plug at depth of 65 feet (water was 132 feet deep).

Biffer was recruited by Tiberius after Beaker bailed for a wedding...
... also because he only catches Small Fins....   :)

Team Award: Tiberius' Team  Not by much though with only one fish caught.
Big Fin Award: Biffer  with his 14.0 pound, 37.5 inch Chinook salmon!
Small Fin Award: N/A  or everyone except Biffer depending on your point of view.
14.0 Pound Chinook Salmon
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Owen Sound Fishing Derby #5: Saturday September 8, 2001

A FULL DAY fishing derby featuring a morning team (5:30-11:30am) VS an afternoon team (2:30-8:30pm).  Results...
Owen Sound Fishing Derby #1: August 26 , 2000  
In the FIRST battle of Owen Sound, the team of Beaker, Tiberius and Black Fly  competed against Winston, Chet, and ???.
OK, so I'm missing a few details....   I'll get back to you on this shortly!!   I caught a monster chinook didn't I??  Maybe...
Team #2 (Angel Fish) - fished 4:00-8:30pm - Sonia (Team Captain), John, Carl, Haydee, and Tiberius.

Charter Notes:  We started an hour-and-a-half late, but Sonia and John enjoyed the scenic route to Owen Sound!  We fished in fairly windy conditions all afternoon, but had no rain.  Despite fishing for 25% less time than the Devil Rays, and one member experiencing a little sea-sickness, they still got the job done...

Results: Two Chinook salmon were caught, one early and one late (a third was lost off the line by Sonia in 71 feet water).

Fish #1: Chinook caught by Haydee at 4:26pm using plug at 59 feet water:  28 inches in length, 8.5 pounds in weight.
Fish #2: Chinook caught by Carl at 7:53pm using cut-bait at 59 feet water:  36 inches in length, 14.25 pounds in weight.
10.5 Pound Chinook Salmon
Team #1 (Devil Rays) - fished 5:30-11:30am  -  Wojciech (Team Captain), Lucas, Bata, Meetcha, and Tiberius.

Charter Notes: 
All arrived safe and sound at Tim Horton's at 5:00am for coffee and donuts!    We were on the water at 5:30am and fished in good weather until late morning when the wind picked up and we had 15 minutes of rain.   A good day of fishing was topped off with a fish & chips lunch at the "Rusty Gull" marina restaurant.   All vowed to come back next year and hook the one that got away!

Results:  One Chinook salmon was caught early on, but the
    second proved elusive (one was lost off the line by Lucas).

Fish #1: Chinook caught by Bata at 6:16am using cut-bait at 59 feet water:
            Size:  32 inches in length, 10.5 pounds in weight.
The "Devil Rays" Team
Derby Results:
Team Award: "Angel Fish" captained by Sonia with 22.25 pounds of fish.
  > This compared to 10.5 pounds of fish for Devil Rays who had this trophy until it was stolen by Carl's fish in last half hour!
Big Fin Award: Carl, with his 14.25 pound, 36 inch "last-minute" Chinook.
  > Again, Carl's last-minute Chinook "stole" the award from the Bata's morning 10.5 pound Chinook!  
Small Fin Award: Sonia, who had fun but had a "bad" day fishing.
  > Why? Was it being late (no problem), losing fish (it happens), getting sick (it happens), or catch-and-release guilt.
8.5 pound Chinook Salmon
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