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Sunday April 28, 2001 Fishing Derby #2
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Date: Sunday April 28, 2001
Location: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada   (located on Georgian Bay of Lake Huron - one of the Great Lakes)
Weather:  Great!  It was a cool 10 degrees Celcius, but cloudless with slight breeze.
Water:  Calm.  Surface temperature was 36.7 degrees Fahrenheit.  We fished in 110-170 feet of water.

Team #1: Winston, Fred, and Alex.   This was Winston's second rustmonster derby; the first for Fred and Alex.
Team #2: Tiberius, Black Fly, and Beaker.   This was second rustmonster derby for our team.

Boat:  The Talisman  28 foot twin engine boat rigged for deep water fishing.  Captain "Jim" is the owner / operator.

Derby:  The tourney took place over 6 hours.  Three trophy's were awarded; a Team trophy (most weight in fish by team), a Big Fin trophy (individual catching the longest fish), and a Small Fin trophy (individual voted by rest to have had a "bad" day).
Visitors since April 21, 2001
Winston, Fred, Alex
Beaker, Tiberius, Black Fly
Team #1 Results:

Winston, Fred, and Alex

- Landed a total of 9 Chinook salmon.

- Total weight of 28.0 pounds in fish.

- Largest fish was 25.0 inches long, 5.5 pounds.

Winners of the Rust Monster "Team" Award.

Note that Winston caught 6 of the 9 fish on the team, even though he was sharing a line with Tiberius!  I think he was remonving the lure just before my turn at the helm (there were 5 lines on down-riggers).
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Team #2 Results:

Beaker, Tiberius, and Black Fly

- Landed a total of 6 Chinook salmon.

- Total weight of 19.0 pounds in fish.

- Largest fish was 27.5 inches long, 7.25 pounds.

Black Fly was winner of the "Big Fin" award
  with his 7.25 pound Chinook.

Beaker was winner of the "Small Fin" award
  with his 4 fish, ALL less than 18" in length.

This was one fun derby with so many fish being caught.  Most were caught very early on, and we had two on different lines twice during the morning.  Our guide (boat owner / operator) Jim was right when he said there are more fish (generally smaller) in the Spring as compared to the Fall (fewer, but generally larger in size).  We'll be making this an annual event!