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Saturday September 8, 2001 Fishing Derby #5
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Location: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada   (located on Georgian Bay of Lake Huron - one of the Great Lakes)
Weather:  Great!  It was...
Water:  Calm.  Surface temperature was ?? degrees Fahrenheit.  We fished in ??-?? feet of water.

Team #1: Wojciech, Lucas, Bata, Meetcha.   Affectionately known as the "Devil Rays"...
Team #2: Sonia, John, Haydee, Carl.   Also known as the "Angel Fish"...

Boat:  The Talisman  28 foot twin engine boat rigged for deep water fishing.  Captain "Jim" is the owner / operator.

Derby:  The tourney took place over 10 hours.  Three trophy's were awarded; a Team trophy (most weight in fish by team), a Big Fin trophy (individual catching the longest fish), and a Small Fin trophy (individual voted by rest to have had a "bad" day).
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John and Sonia
John and Tim