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Visitors since April 12, 2001
We took most of our zoo pictures
here (See Photos / Zoo from main page).
African Lion Safari - We took the other half of
our Zoo pictures here - near Rockton, Ontario.
Go to the official African Lion Safari website!
Go to the official Toronto Zoo website!
Go to the official WWF Canada website!
Go to Government of Ontario - Ministry of Natural Resources website!
Ministry of Natural Resources - Main Website
Go to official OFAH website!
One of the dedicated
organizations working for
conservation in Ontario.
(Tiberius is a member).
Go to Ontario Government - Forests website!
Go to Ontario Parks website!
Go to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals!
Ontario Society
for  the Prevention
of Cruelty to
Animals - OSPCA.
Go to Algonquin Park area guide!
Go to official Algonquin Park website!
Yeah, it's a really BIG logo!  
But that's only fitting as it is Ontario's largest Park with 7,725 square kilometers of area!
Go to Mountain Equipment Co-op!
Last updated: March 14, 2012