The following are some of the rules by which this website operates to ensure your privacy...
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1.   Confidentiality: If you provide us with your name, e-mail address, mailing address, or any other information about
     yourself as part of your interaction with this site (signing guest book, ordering merchandise, entering a contest, etc),
     we will NOT use this information for any other reason, and will NOT sell or provide the information to anyone else. 
     In fact, this information will be encrypted on our hard drive to further enhance your privacy (using Entrust software).

2.   Required Information: We will ask you for as little information as possible, and will make fields optional if possible.

3.   Visitors under the age of 16: Our website is completely kid-safe!  The following are some general Internet Safety
     Rules that should be followed wherever possible when visiting this or ANY website on the Internet...

    - Never provide your home address or telephone number unless you are sure who you are dealing with.  Ask an adult!
     - Never provide your real name if it is not neccesary, as others can use it to obtain more info about you. Use a fake name!
    - Check a site for its security policy.  Don't sign up for promotions unless you want lots of junk mail !

4.   Orders and Contests:  When our Order system becomes operational, we will need your letter mail address (snail-mail).
     This information will be used for order only and you will not receive any other mail from us.   As with Orders, any contest
     winners will be mailed winnings if appropriate and the mailing address wil not be used for any other purpose.

5.   Contacting The Rust Monster:  Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this site, let us know!

     Contacting us by E-mail:     
              rusty @

     Contacting us by letter mail:
              The Rust Monster
              76 Brunswick Avenue
              Toronto, Ontario, Canada
              M5S 2L7

6.   Payments for Orders:  When we start up our Order system in August 2003, we will be initially accepting orders via mail
     order only and accept only Money Orders, Postal Cheques, or certified cheques.  If unsure, check with us first via e-mail.
     They should be made payable to "The Rust Monster".  At a later date, we will enter into an agreement with an online credit
     card payment vendor in order to speed up and simplify the process.
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